Fun Swimming Pool Adventures for the Holiday Season

If you don’t have a swimming pool then you are in for one long, boring and hot summer holiday.  Swimming pools are terrific for family life.  When you have a swimming pool, you always have something to do, people love to come over for a visit and you always have a great excuse to work on your tan while you cool down.  Pools are also great for working out because there is no better full body workout than swimming.  Your pool can also keep young teens out of danger because they would much rather hang by a pool than in the hot streets.  It’s time to have more adventures each and every day by adding a pool to your home.

Custom Pool Contractor

One of the best swimming pool constructors

Building your own pool is never a good idea.  Its hard work and you are only going to make a mess of things when your pool cracks or start to leak.  You need a good Houston’s custom pool contractor to construct your pool for you.  Professional custom pool contractors like Vazques Pools can build you any pool of your dreams and they can also give you the best advice on the best layouts for the space you have available.  Vazques pools are also terrific with poolside landscaping, enclosures and they can do pool renovations and repairs.  They can even build you a gorgeous deck next to your pool that will make your back yard look super modern and beautiful.

Top fun adventures to have in your pool

There are so many fun things you can do in a pool.  The pool side is the ultimate adventure zone for any family.  You can have holiday quality adventures right in your back yard.  Here are some of the easiest pool adventures for families;

Play nuggets and crosses – This swimming pool game is super fun.  You can either invest in a drifting set or have fun on the water surface or you can get a sunken set and see if everyone can focus while under water.

Enjoy swimming pool battle – For swimming pool battle you can buy a set of inflatable logs with battle bars and have a go at one another.  The point of this game is to knock the other person off his inflatable log so you can be king of the pool.

Get a swimming pool bar – Those who love to sip cool drinks in the pool will love a drifting bar with underwater stools.  You can have a blast with friends and enjoy drinks without ever getting out of the water.

Volleyball pool games – This is one of the oldest but best pool games.  Volley ball games are great for keeping lots of people busy at the same time.

Get pool floats – You can even use your pool for a bit of relaxing by simply getting a few fun pool floats like doughnut or pizza inflatables.  Use your swimming pool as an excuse to tan so you can look and feel great for summer.

Jazz your pool up for night swimming – Enjoy your pool at night by adding some lighting to your pool.  Throw some glow sticks into your pool or add a glow stick to a balloon and have a blast at night.

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