Finding The Best Trolling Motor Battery

If you are the kind of person who is fond of water sports, you would want to consider a trolling motor battery for your boat. In order to get the best battery it is important to have information about trolling motor batteries. Trolling motor batteries are better than the regular batteries since they have a grid size that is thicker for better deep cycle usage and performance.

There are three main types of trolling motor batteries, wet cell batteries, AGM batteries and Lithium-ion batteries.  Wet cell batteries also known as lead acid wet –cell are the most common and affordable batteries. They are meant to handle frequent draining and recharging that comes with trolling motor use. They however require some maintenance which includes topping off the water and they are prone to spillage and vibration. They are long lasting and last between 1-2 years.

AGM batteries also known as absorbed glass mat batteries have that name because they are built using a glass plate and a gel-like substance. Unlike other kinds of batteries, you don’t have to necessarily open them to add distilled water as they are completely sealed. They are way more expensive than the wet cell battery and will last between 3-4 years.

Finding The Best Trolling Motor Battery

Lithium ion batteries are the most expensive and most long lasting batteries. They however last long if they are kept under low temperatures.

There are factors that you have to consider to make sure that you get the best trolling motor battery. They include:

Battery amp hour rating

This is the amount of time that the battery can take to supply certain amperage. This will depend on the type of the boat and the kind of budget you have. The higher the amperage hour the better, as that means it will take longer before the battery is drained.

Battery group size

This indicates the size and power of a battery. Batteries are normally grouped in sizes which may include 6D, 8D, 31, 27 and 24. The size of battery normally depends on the size of the engine and the size of the boat. Whatever is chose should be able to fit in the battery box well and still leave room for ventilation. There are some boats that can use several batteries at the same time for more power while there are those that will have to only use one battery.

Purpose of the battery

The battery can either be for starting, deep cycle or dual purpose. It depends on what you want to use the battery your boat needs.


There are batteries that require more maintenance than others and thus this is a very important factor to consider making sure that you end up with the best. This is why AGM batteries are the most recommended as they require less maintenance.

Manufacturing date

It is always better to go for batteries that have been manufactures most recently since they prove to have better performance.


As much as there are many factors to consider, the main determinant of the battery to choose is your budget. It is however good to remember cheap is expensive in most cases.

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