Consider A Timber Frame Home and Always Feel Like You Are Having an Adventure

What are your favorite guesthouses to enjoy when you are on an adventure?  Is it the normal concrete homes that tickle your fantasy or does those timber frame homes with the gorgeous wood finishes give you the goosebumps? Timber frame homes provide the ultimate luxurious stay because the smell of wood calms your senses and the gorgeous designs of these homes makes you feel like you are in some far off destination.  Instead of dreaming about your next adventure and stay in a fancy timber frame guesthouse, why not dream about owning your very own timber home?  With your own timber home, coming home from work will feel like an adventure each and every day and you will constantly feel like you are on holiday.

So many different looks

If you think that your home will look like an average cottage then you couldn’t be more wrong.  There are many different timber frame home plans to choose from.  Some are as small as 695 square feet while the larger timber frame homes are over 4000 square feet.  You can choose from beach frame plans, lake frame plans, double or single story plans, garden bay plans and much more.  The best part about these timber frame homes is that even the smallest of houses has a gorgeous and luxurious style.

Consider A Timber Frame Home and Always Feel Like You Are Having an Adventure

Top benefits of timber frame homes

There are many reasons why these timber frame homes or cabin homes is a much better choice for a home than ordinary brick homes.  Here are the top reasons why you should go for timber instead of brick;

  • The homes are naturally warm in the winter which will help you reduce the cost of your energy bill.
  • Each log home is completely unique because each piece of wood that is used in the homes has a different texture and look.
  • A lot of personal touch goes into creating log homes which gives a much higher quality to the home.
  • The homes are eco-friendly since it contains a lot less artificial construction materials.
  • If your log home is taken good care of, the timber will last a long time.
  • Log homes are surprisingly tough and can withstand just about anything that Mother Nature dishes their way.
  • Timber frame homes are gorgeous! Living in a timber frame home is like staying in a five star restaurant.
  • No more scouting for areas to take good pictures of your kids or family because every inch of these homes are gorgeous and picture perfect.

Get a pro to build your home for you

Streamline Design Ltd is a company that specializes in timber frame homes.  You can check their website for some of their fantastic timber frame plans or, if you have a specific idea or dream for your home, you can get them to design you a completely unique home.  This fantastic company has loads of experience and they have successfully handled projects in a wide range of countries.  They can give you some fresh and fantastic ideas for the ultimate adventure home.

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