Best Places in the World to go Mountain Biking

Mountain biking can be as much of a leisurely sport as a grand adventure. You might imagine that mountain bike trails are all rugged and muddy. However, there are plenty of people who utilize biking as a means of getting close to nature. No matter what your reason behind purchasing a mountain bike, there are some things you will need to know. The most important of those things is the location of the best places in the world to go mountain biking.

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Best Places in the World to go Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking Adventures You Should Take

Sometimes it pays to stay close to home and certainly there’s no reason not to ascertain the best places to bike in your area. However, if you are looking for a real thrill, we would like to recommend these mountain biking adventures you should take:

  1. South Africa- Cape Town offers single track excursions as well as escorted trips up the mountain. If you head east up the coast from there, you will find some hardcore trails located near Swellendam. But, if you prefer circular tracks you might want to explore Harkerville Forest. Then there’s also the Petrus se Brand and Homtini, which are both linear courses. People are particularly fond of the Petrus se Brand, especially the last 6km. Learn more about biking in South Africa.
  2. Peru- Perhaps you are looking for a chance to experience historic locales. Peru is the place you have dreamed of. Don’t miss the 3600 meter descent found in Olleros. The truth is, Peru is ideal for mountain biking as long as you negate the desert and the Amazonian plains. There are ancient- and pre- Inca roads, archaeological digs, and incredible scenery all around. Some specific places to visit include: Kuelap, Gocta, Lurin, Conchucos, Barranco, Paracas, Mala and the Colca Valley. Read more about these Peruvian destinations.
  3. France- Surely you don’t want to miss the Alps. They are a mountain biker’s playground and a regular on the avid biker’s agenda. Be sure to enjoy the open chairlifts located at Morzine. If you don’t want too much work going uphill, these chairlifts are the way to enjoy the incredible descents.
  4. New Zealand– Rotorua showed up on the map full force in 2006 after the championship. People describe it as a hot place to ride. In fact, some would even give it the acclaim of having the best trails in the world. The mecca is the Whakarewarewa Forest where there are 100km trails located in the midst of lush surroundings. Do not miss this.
  5. Italy- Make it here and be sure to travel the Finale Ligure. Although there are no chairlifts, you can utilize the shuttle companies to get to the tops of these coastal hills. Keep in mind that these trails are pretty close to “all-natural,” complete with the roots and rocks you mountain biker enthusiasts love.

There are several other great places to take your bike. If you would like further advice, be sure to read this.

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