Adventurous Roofing Ideas

Home is where the heart is.  And if your heart is full of adventure then it is time to transform your home into a haven that is loaded with adventurous things to do.   Life is way too short to live in a dull house.  There are hundreds of fantastic ideas out there to make your house stand out above the rest and that can give your home that adventurous feel that so many people would love to enjoy.  Space is often limited which is why we are going to look into some fantastic roofing ideas for a bit of excitement.

Adventurous Roofing Ideas

Remember to work with a pro

When you are transforming your rooftop you should always work with a professional company or risk damaging your roof or even your entire home’s structure.  Roofer in Dallas – Fort Worth can get your adventurous ide implemented in your home affordably and without causing any damage to the rest of the home.

A roof made of glass

Glass roofs are incredibly popular right now.  A lot of people are transforming parts of their homes for a sun room or they are adding sun rooms for some winter enjoyment.  With a glass roof you can spot airplanes throughout the day and you can enjoy the gorgeous starry sky each night.  It’s not very functional to have a glass roof since the cleaning can be a bit intensive but the rewards are fantastic since you can enjoy sunlight throughout the winter without feeling the cold and you can tan throughout the year.

Turn a flat roof into a comfort zone

Does your home have a flat roof?  Then it is time to utilize the space you have up there by transforming it into a small tea garden, play area or barbeque zone .  You can transform even the dullest of flat roofs into something mesmerizing by simply adding a bit of shading, a railing to keep people from falling off, reinforcement for a new floor and you can decorate by adding potted plants and furniture.

Add a slide from the rooftop

A slide from your rooftop into your garden might be a bit dangerous for kids but it will certainly make your home look super fun and it will be a great adventure to anyone who visits you.

Create a green roof

A green roof is a rooftop that is mostly covered in vegetation.  This type of roof has some benefits such as a cooler home, a fantastic look and reduced storm water run but the green roofs are a bit labor intensive and costly.

Add a balcony

Balconies are always great fun and give you a little place to relax and get some fresh air after a tough day at work.

Insert some sky lights

If you aren’t that keen on transforming your entire roof into glass then you should consider skylights.  Skylights allow natural sunlight to enter a home which enables you to save a lot of money on your electric bill since your home is naturally lighter.

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