A Good E-Book Cover

You might want to think of creating fake e-book covers for fun with the use of fake book cover generator but you have to remember that for some people, they pay special attention to the cover that they would like to place on their e-book not only because they would like to sell but because they would like their story to be read by different people from all over the world.

The cover of an e-book can actually say a lot about the author especially if the author is the one who is also going to create the cover. In the past, this was not possible as artists and illustrators were hired in order to create covers that will catch the eyes of the consumers. Even for e-books, there was a requirement in the past for e-books to be created by professionals. As of late, there are already e-book cover generators that people can check out. They can now create their own e-books without much effort.

A Good E-Book Cover

For authors who are going to create their own e-book covers, these are usually the things that they consider:

  • Their Current Inspiration – It is highly likely that there are some things that authors are inspired about. Their current inspiration can appear on the cover easily. For authors who do not have inspirations yet, they may want to pick up inspirations from the different things that are available. They may check out other e-book covers or they may also want to look like some magazines that will catch their eye.
  • The Size of the Image – After picking out the right image that will serve as the main cover, the size is important. It cannot be too close up because it will look pixilated. It cannot be too big too as it will overpower the whole e-book. The size that will be chosen should be just right.
  • Font of the Letters – The title of the book and the author’s name would also have to be written on the book. The font of the letters would have to correspond not only with the content of the e-book but also on the image that will be used. Some fonts will better fit some images. You have to make sure that you will choose the right one.
  • The Simple Design of the Cover – The more simple the cover is, the better it would be because who would want to look at cover that is too wild. A lot of the authors usually do not make the designs too simple though because this will not generate enough interest from people.
  • The Right Application to Use – There are a lot of applications that people can use to create their own covers but the use of the right application will matter a lot. There are some applications that are available online that are free or if authors like to work offline, other applications may also be available.

The right cover for e-books will matter a lot. Choosing the right covers will make a lot of difference especially with the e-book’s popularity. Get to know more details from here.

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