5 Essentials to Pack for Your Next Big Adventure

Adventure is out there! You have been planning for it for a while now, and sooner than you think, your next big adventure will be a reality. Be it a posh vacation to someplace exotic, a long awaited camping trip or even mountaineering at the Alps- packing essentials for your trip is an absolute necessity. It is best to carry just the things you need without the extras to weigh you down- especially on high impact adventures like road trips, camping or hiking. However, for family vacation that include kids, or a trip overseas, you sort of need more things than you think. Our list of seven includes the things that you need most, whatever the occasion and whatever the nature of your trip!

5 Essentials to Pack for Your Next Big Adventure

First Aid Kit

You never know when someone gets injured and you need to take care of the matter before matters escalate. Some basic things to include in your first aid kit are band aids, antiseptic liquid, cotton balls, a roll of cloth bandage, thermometer, and certain medicines like aspirin, antibiotic ointment, etc. Using a clear box with separate compartments helps keep things organized.

That Bag

Money, passport, visa, and credit cards should be carried in a single pouch- say many orthodox travelers. As convenient as it may be, you might find yourself broke if that single purse is snatched away. For safety, carry your money in different places and keep the passport-visa duo together. Hence, you have less chances of losing all at the same time.

Getting Cozy

For those who are flying overseas or going camping to a really remote area, making sure that you sleep your nights well is important. This is where the need for pillows and blankets come. However, the ones that you use at home might be too fluffy to fit into your compact travel bags, therefore, opt for inflatable pillows. Compact blankets are also available that are designed especially for travel.

Personal Grooming

A basic level of hygiene is what we all need to maintain even on trips. Hence, you should carry some items that are necessary to make you look a little presentable. You can carry a little pouch with a small comb, lip balm, and sunscreen lotion. Women definitely need that little makeup kit for on the go glam. For men, taking razors and blades are a necessity; however, the hassle can easily be avoided if you have access to power. Check out the best electric shaver reviews here.

Power Up!

If you are travelling somewhere with limited access to power, you should find ways to maximize whatever electricity you have available. Instead of packing extra batteries for your gadgets, consider getting rechargeable batteries so that you can charge them all in a battery charger. For cell phones and laptops, having a power bank and a multi plug to plug in all your devices at once is great.

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